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 I’m Himanshu (aka. SEO Canny) – SEO Freelancer

An industry head in Search Engine Marketing & generating online profit for various small-medium businesses via search engine optimization since 2009.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and our goal is to rank your websites as highly as possible. To accomplish our goal we follow a SEO process which is completely white-hat and ethical. To help you understand easily, I have tried my best to explain you the process in very simple language. 

Here is the SEO Process we follow:

  • Keyword Research. This is the process of finding the best possible keywords for your website and neglect bad keywords. You cant choose keyword phrases like “the best real estate broker in the world” as it has no actual searches and it may now target your business in the best possible ways. Also at the same time you can’t choose keywords/phrases like “Real Estate” as its is way too generic and there is massive competition where we cant succeed for many years. So the goal is to choose those keywords which has moderate competition and good searches and is 100% relevant and targeted to your business. This will ensure that our SEO campaign will hit the right volume of searchers.

  • Competitive Analysis. In this process, we analyze all your competitor’s websites and take ideas from their keyword terms, on-site SEO strategies, backlinks, strengths and weaknesses. This way, we can capitalize on their weaknesses and pay special attention to their positives.

  • On-Site Analysis. This is one of the key activity of Search Engine Optimization. On-site analysis basically includes various changes to your website which makes it Search engine friendly and targets our keywords. Some of the core On-site activites are page titles, meta description, optimized sitemap, content, images/photos, header tags, internal linking etc. In the On-site analysis we ensure that our keywords are present according to the right density of the content. On-site analysis also includes some SEO issues which are critical to your website like - Canonical Issue, Duplicate Contents etc. We ensure that we fix all these issues before proceeding with the Off-site SEO.

  • Off-Site (Link Building). Backlinks (aka link building) are the currency or back-bone of Search Engine Optimization. The better the quality and relevancy of links you obtain, the better results you would achieve from search engines. We build your backlinks from a variety of Internet resources to ensure a healthy reputation of your website in search engine’s radar. It includes Blogs, Press Release websites, Social Portals like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Some very useful SEO resources/tools that SEO Freelancer use and recommend to execute my SEO activities:

Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Basics:
  1. SEO Moz Beginners Guide to SEO. This book covers the basic theory behind SEO. It has been read over one million times and provides comprehensive SEO information.
  2. WebConfs SEO Tutorial. AKA SEO mini-book. This one breaks SEO basics into various modules which is easy to read and understand.
  3. SEO 101. I was really impressed with this 15 part long SEO guide. A must read.
  4. SEO Book SEO Glossary. SEO Book glossary is a healthy SEO resource for various technical SEO terms.
  5. Tizag SEO. This is one of the best SEO book for the beginners.

Competitor Analysis
Competitors analysis is a very broad activities and it includes several key terms like identify keywords which is working well for your competitors, On-site structure of your competitors website etc. Below are some handful resources SEO Freelancer use:
  1. Web Pro News Competitor Analysis. This post covers a lot on the SEO competitors analysis and highlights some key terms like spamming, search engine friendly checklist, Competitor Walkthrough etc
  2. Raven Tools Competitor Analysis Checklist. This is an excellent checklist provided by Raven which is very very useful. I follow the similar tactics to analyze your 3-5 biggest competitors.
  3. Gabblet Toolbox. This is a very fast and quick tool to analyze various SEO parameters of any website.

Keywords Research
This is one of the most important part of the SEO campaign and it lays the foundation for the On-site and Off-site SEO activities. The basic goal is to pick keywords which has less competition and more searches and to achieve this goal, SEO Freelancer use various SEO tools to refine and keywords and identify the exact competition as well as searches.

Here are some of the best Keyword Tool:

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Though this tool is for Google Adwords (PPC) campaigns but we can use this to identify the searches for any particular keyword or key phrases. This is the industry de-facto keyword tool nowadays. Also this is completely free and reliable.
  2. Bing Ads Intelligence. This is also a very handy keyword tool from Bing Search Engine. This a downloadable plugin for Microsoft excel and the best part is that you can do your keywords research within the excel sheet itself. This tool displays very nice tables and diagrams about the keywords you would search for and it is extremely easy.
  3. Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool. This is also a very handy Free keywords suggestion tool but not as powerful as the two above however once can use this to reassure that he is using right set of keywords for the SEO campaign.
  4. Market Samurai. This is probably the best paid SEO software that I would recommend. I do most of my SEO campaign keyword research using the Market Samurai tool and trust me the cost $149 (One-time) worth the value of this tool.
  5. Bing Webmaster Keyword Tool. This is a new tool offered by Bing Webmaster Section which is still in Beta version but this is also a very reliable SEO tool. All you need is a Free Microsoft Account to access this tool.

There are several other handy keyword tools like SEO Book Keywords Tool, Copyblogger Keyword Tool etc

On Site Optimization
On Site SEO is a very crucial aspect of Optimization process. It ensures that your website is relevant to the keywords you are targeting in search engines. On Site SEO consist of various checklists and process and below are some very good references SEO Freelancer use to verify it:
  1. WebConfs 15 Minute SEO Check. In one word “Awesome”. This is the checklist SEO Freelancer use to monitor all my campaigns. It tells tells you the importance of each on-site component so that you can work on your keywords accordingly.
  2. IIS SEO Toolkit. This is probably the best free tool to analyze your complete website. This tool gives you a detailed report on the SEO voilations, errors and important warnings like missing title tags, image alt tags etc. It has a very powerful crawler engine. This tool requires IIS 7.5 installed on your system.
  3. SEO Moz Tools. This is a paid premium tool which offers a massive array of toolsets like Link Analysis tool, On-Page Analysis, rank tracker etc. You can try a 30 day trial for this.

Off Site Optimization
Off Site Optimization is also known as Link Building. With the recent Google Penguin and Panda updates, Google has really tighten the screws when it comes to the quality of backlinks. So its important to ensure that the quality of backlinks are good else Google and other search engines may put you under penalty. Below are some awesome link building techniques/tips SEO Freelancer follow and recommend:

  1. Penguin Friendly links by SEO Moz. A very compact and right on money article explaining various tips to build penguin friendly backlinks and gain high rankings. The article contains some very solid points required for link building.
  2. Post Penguin Link building tips. Another very good article focusing on the Link building strategy which is complaint with the recent Google Penguin and Panda update.
  3. Blog Posting. Blogs are a very smart way to get backlinks and share information to users. There are various Blog websites on the internet like Blogger, Wordpress etc.
  4. Press Release. Similar to Blogs, Press release are also a very smart way to get backlinks. There are 100s of Free as well as Paid Press release websites like PRWeb which give you a very good online exposure.
  5. Guest Posting. Probably the best way to get backlinks. if you are a blogger then this is a very easy task for you. You just need to write for other websites/blogs and get backlinks for your website.


We claim to be the best Freelance SEO Services provider because of several very important reasons, some of them are:

  1. Unmatched SEO value: We are proud to be the best On Site SEO, Off Site SEO provider in a very affordable package. Send us an enquiry to know more.
  2. Unmatched Support: We provide you 24*7 support via Call/Skype/Email. We are available on weekends as well.
  3. Unmatched Reporting: We provide you weekly report instead of monthly to better track the ranking improvement and progress.


Happy with the results
- Kenneth March 2010
DFW Urban Realty

"I would like to thank Himanshu for taking my website keywords ranking to the next level. You guys have helped me to rank my website high for important keywords. I am really happy with the results."

Very Good Results
- Linda , August 2010
Dentist Castle Hill

"I have used many SEO companies but Himanshu is so far the best SEO Consultant. His grasp over the SEO techniques are marvelous. He has done a very good job within one month then the SEO I had for around 6 months."


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