freelance-seo-vs-companiesSearch engine optimization is a technique of marketing, which is simply used, gets better the search engine ranking and the website traffic. The method is as simple as it sounds, if a website draws many visitors, The Possibility of enhancing of sales and popularity increases too. This is the goal and dream, which every website owner wants to furnish. That is why every businessperson or a website owner wants to take the help of SEO services and get benefit from them.
There are two types of SEO service freelance SEO and SEO companies:

Freelance SEO

The major X-factor of freelance SEO India
is the cost one. Freelancers have lesser expenses and so small to medium size, client companies will not wind up financing the price of costly office space or employees supplementary to the definite business of search engine optimization (SEO).
They have an apparent curiosity in transporting the best service possible. It is an issue of endurance. Salaried staff of a bigger company that paint a pay incentive Freelancers has rights of whole SEO projects, before the recruits that remain small in big companies are specified for liability. With their inclusive vision of every project, freelancers are better prepared to adjust and modify SEO plan.
Freelance SEO is able to assist you exchange additional projection into definite sales for your online business at the same time as simultaneously save money. Plummeting by your pay per click and rising expend your visibility in the usual schedules on the search engines; they can increase your traffic and sales. Freelance SEO have been functioning under cover for years for web companies and marketing agencies.

SEO (Search engine optimization) companies

SEO companies are in contrast previously recognized in this field. They know exactly what each thing to do and what not to do. Know what to do and they do it well. There is a nuance that SEO companies India charge a high amount. I must say it is true but it does not mean that every seo company charge the high but there are some SEO companies that offer the SEO services at cheap rates.
These people give you the full assurance of success and already tried. So yes it is true that they charge a higher cost but at place of that they take all the burden of your work, give you the full satisfaction and success in a short time as well. If you have a good budget, you should try SEO India. Work for you. This way you are really assured that the work will be done well. You do not have to worry if the work is done correctly or not. You only sit back and look at your side raise the website ranking search engines

Overall conclusion

As we mentioned above freelance SEO and SEO companies both do the same work but there is little difference and that is the cost affectivity. If you have a good budget then you should go with the seo companies but if you are just a starter then you should surely go with the freelance seo. Both the services are good and do the same thing now its all on you what to do what not to do?


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- Linda , August 2010
Dentist Castle Hill

"I have used many SEO companies but Himanshu is so far the best SEO Consultant. His grasp over the SEO techniques are marvelous. He has done a very good job within one month then the SEO I had for around 6 months."


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