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Freelance SEO VS SEO Companies

freelance-seo-vs-companiesSearch engine optimization is a technique of marketing, which is simply used, gets better the search engine ranking and the website traffic. The method is as simple as it sounds, if a website draws many visitors, The Possibility of enhancing of sales and popularity increases too. This is the goal and dream, which every website owner wants to furnish. That is why every businessperson or a website owner wants to take the help of SEO services and get benefit from them.
Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

Internet Marketing SEO tips tricks and tactic

freelance seoMajority says that a giant amount of people search the internet just for business. Surveys conducted on the people thus reveals that more than 85% of internet users locate via novel sites by using search engines. Except your website highly on view come into the most important search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Google, you could be certain those probable clientele wants to go somewhere else per their services and products.

Friday, August 19, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj
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Freelance SEO Specialist

Looking for Freelance SEO Specialist?

You have come at the right place! My name is Himanshu Swaraj and I am a full time freelance SEO specialist having 6 years of smart experience.

Following is what makes me different from others:
Monday, July 18, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

Freelance Real Estate SEO: What is real estate SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is very much effective in improving traffic of your real estate website and its marketing correspondence focus on concentrating home purchaser and making your off page real estate seo existence.
It brings thriving Real Estate Website which changes sales and will keep you separate from the existing struggle. Its standing and CMS determined websites are custom build for the Search Engines to influence search engine transfers from buyers and sellers for unrivaled results!
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

What is Video Marketing? Some crucial tips

Video is one of the best ways to explain your product and your services. Nowadays video is very significant in terms of SEO and that’s why it is called as V-SEO or Video Search Engine Optimization or Video SEO. Videos facilitate you so much in expressing your views. You must get a High Definition Video for your business because you have to pay only one time for video production, video production marketing is very relevant. Marketing your service through is usually called video marketing and optimizing the video is called as video marketing. Videos are frequently made for the one specific motive that is to market the products or services of a company.

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj
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Comparison of Freelance SEO and SEO Companies

Freelance SEO specialist- as it is very much clear that freelancers work as independent consultants in other words we can say that freelance SEO’s can work with clients from anywhere because their self-employed and client base is frequently restricted.
SEO companies- SEO companies provide a similar consultancy services but they consist a large team. The size of an SEO company can be anything from two people to hundred or more than that. They always offer other internet marketing services for example- pay per click advertising, web design or display advertising and SEO as well.
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

Benefits of a SEO Freelancer Over SEO Company

For a website, SEO is like its lifeline. No website can do well without proper search engine optimization. The number of websites on the web is increasing at a fast pace. This has made the competition a lot tougher. Thus, a website ought to be optimized well as per the search engine parameters. When it comes to SEO for websites, you have two options available. First is to hire a professional SEO company. Second, you can hire a freelance SEO expert consultant. If we talk in terms of benefits, hiring a freelance SEO expert is more advantageous than hiring a professional company.
Thursday, April 28, 2011
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj


Happy with the results
- Kenneth March 2010
DFW Urban Realty

"I would like to thank Himanshu for taking my website keywords ranking to the next level. You guys have helped me to rank my website high for important keywords. I am really happy with the results."

Very Good Results
- Linda , August 2010
Dentist Castle Hill

"I have used many SEO companies but Himanshu is so far the best SEO Consultant. His grasp over the SEO techniques are marvelous. He has done a very good job within one month then the SEO I had for around 6 months."


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