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What is the best possibe way to increase the PR of your website or to make it cached apart from having right keywords?

Search Engines determine their rankings based on two things:
  1. Is your site relevant? (Optimized for certain keywords)
  2. Is your site important? (Many links back to your site from other sites)

    Only when you address both of these considerations are you guaranteed of making an impact. Your degree of success depends on how hard you try and how many other people you're competing against (and how hard they're trying).
    Optimizing your site for keywords is the easy part. Generating links back to your site is much more challenging – and time consuming . But it can be done; and you don’t need a huge budget.

    Freelance SEO
    The key to topping Google on a budget is article PR
    Here’s how article PR works…
STEP 1) You’re an expert in your field so you possess knowledge that other people want.
STEP 2) You write a helpful article – sharing your hard-earned knowledge and expertise.
STEP 3) You submit your article to recognized “Article Submission” sites on the Internet.
STEP 4) Publishers of online newsletters, ezines, etc. gather content from these sites for free.
STEP 5) Helpful, well written articles are snapped up by thousands of publishers from all around the world.
STEP 6) The only condition is that they must publish the article with a functioning link to your site.
STEP 7) 300 people publish your article – you get 300 links back to your site.
Sunday, September 23, 2007
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Happy with the results
- Kenneth March 2010
DFW Urban Realty

"I would like to thank Himanshu for taking my website keywords ranking to the next level. You guys have helped me to rank my website high for important keywords. I am really happy with the results."

Very Good Results
- Linda , August 2010
Dentist Castle Hill

"I have used many SEO companies but Himanshu is so far the best SEO Consultant. His grasp over the SEO techniques are marvelous. He has done a very good job within one month then the SEO I had for around 6 months."


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