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Why Freelance SEO Expert?

Among the many terms being used in the field of Internet these days, one of the most commonly used terms is search engine optimization. With the internet being flooded with information, users are more often than not spoilt for choice and in such a scenario, it is becomingly increasingly difficult for a website to make its place among the top few names that appear in a Google Search. It is in such a scenario that search engine optimization comes to the rescue of such sites and their owners. And in order to provide search engine optimization services that can meet the needs and requirements of clients, a freelance seo expert becomes a necessity.

One such renowned name in Delhi in the field of search engine optimization is Himanshu Swaraj. In the field of freelancing since the last four years, Himanshu Swaraj has helped a number of small and mid size businesses to become a prominent name in the search engines. Considered as one of the best freelance seo expert in not just Delhi but also in the country, Himanshu Swaraj can make a site stand out in the World Wide Web. Adept at some of the finest and most practiced seo techniques as well as marketing tricks, here is a freelance seo expert who can offer you unrivaled seo services at rates that are affordable as well as achievable. Among the many seo services offered are freelance seo, freelance social media optimization, freelance internet marketing, freelance link building services, freelance ppc management and many more.

With the amount of information available in the internet, the users are often at their wit’s end in finding the exact content they are looking for and with the number of websites claiming to offer them the information, their task becomes increasingly tedious. It is in such situations that websites prefer to go for steps like search engine optimization, not only to increase the traffic to their sites but also to provide the users with the information that they are looking so that they prefer to visit the site again. And a freelance seo expert is one such professional who with his on-page optimization skills as well as off-page optimization can make a site stand out and become more visible.

Though search engine optimization is in use ever since the early days of internet but with the growing sophistication of the internet, the job of a freelance seo expert too is becoming increasingly challenging. And SEO Canny provides you a freelance seo expert who can assure you of astounding results and all of that at rates that can take you by surprise. Right from giving you some of the best possible tips to make your website come to the top in Google Searches to helping you to make a website that that is well designed in terms of well distributed keywords, SEO Canny offers you a freelance seo expert who is known for his hard work and determination in making a website stand out.


Freelance SEO follows the below guidelines for Optimization:

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Freelance Search Engine Optimization Services

Freelance SEO Services

We are India’s leading freelance SEO services provider with main competency in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of websites. We always adopt the ETHICAL SEO optimization process/white hat technique; also follow the guidelines of Google and major search engine for SEO result.
We have a dedicated team of expert SEO professionals to serve you. We build the natural quality and theme based links as one-way or reciprocals links with our manual process. We offer complete Search Engine Optimization Package:

1. Onpage Optimization
  • a. Keywords Research & Analysis
  • b. Competitors Analysis
  • c. Meta tags & Title tags optimization
  • d. Alt tags & header tags optimization
  • e. Content optimization & tweak
  • f. Advanced XML Sitemap creation (with XSL)
  • g. Website Authentication in all webmaster tools including Google, Yahoo & MSN

2. Offpage Optimization
  • a. Theme based Link Building
  • b. Social Bookmarkings
  • c. Story & Article Posting
  • d. Directory Submissions
  • e. News letter & Press release submissions
  • f. RSS feed submissions
  • g. Blog creation

3. Social Media Optimization
  • a. Profile creation in all Social Media websites including Propeller, Digg, Twitter, Mixx etc.
  • b. Story & Articles posting and optimization in all Social Media websites.
  • c. Creating links from Social Media Websites.
  • d. Video Submissions & Optimization in major Video websites including Dropbox, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Metacafe etc..

4. Online Reputation Management
  • a. Website Reviews Submissions.
  • b. Question & Answer postings.
  • c. Business Blog Creation.

Our Services Includes:

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Friday, January 31, 2014
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

SEO Freelance Trends

freelance seo india

Seo Freelance Trends

Personally I don't see a lot of nice possibilities around Freelance Search Engine Optimization for 2014. For the Rat it will be a hard job to digg niches in the corn-bins of Web2.0. Especially those ones with a high Page Ranks and top social bookmarking scores.
From technical point we will do more AJAX and RSS (ads and images) optimization, besides everlasting optimization of CSS/XHTML for always green browsers. At last we will meet optimization for Mobiles, or at least for mobile sites.
From SEO guru's point of view in everyday Search Engine Optimization practice SEO Freelancer will meet next:
freelance seo india1. Booth of SEMANTIC SEARCH ENGINES.
That means more attention to Knols by Google, Hakia, Powerset, Twine, Freebase, AdaptiveBlue, Snap, and others.

2. Mobile videoconferencing boost.
Mobile video optimization? 3. Internet currencies warm up.
That's simply fine.

3. In order to stay competitive, brands will try to understand, identify, and respond to their users_ specific needs by employing social media tools and user-generated content (UGC).
More attention to USG sites.

4. The political activism in the blogosphere will become truly active. Is your client a politician?

5. Intimacy and usefulness will be valued more, forming affinity groups and niches.
More attention to affinity groups.

6. The companies that will not use social media tools to make the voice of their customers heard will lose in front of competition.
Achtung! Watch social media tools!

7. Personal interest will reshape the web surfing patterns, reducing the frequency of site-to-site hopping conduit, dominant so far.
Will see.

8. More mature population will join to social networks.
Can you enlarge font-size?

9. The major corporations will replace the outdated intranet systems and will build better communication with employees by making use of social media on customizable, scalable and feature-rich platforms.
SEO for intranet?

10. Mobile social media (MSM) will become a bigger player on the market, following ever growing demands.
MSM Optimization?
11. OpenID and companies like ClaimID will have a much stronger impact.
Watch your reputation!

Tags to watch:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, Online Reputation Management (ORM), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Bookmarking Statistics (SBS), User-Generated Content (UGC)
There are other top 2014 trends for Koreans: Korean SEO freelance services have to watch next tags, which will be ours in 2015 ;)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet-Protocol TV (IPTV), Mobile Internet or Mobile WiMax (WiBro), Organic Light-Emitting Diode TV (OLED TV), Transport Protocol Expert Group Navigation, TPEG Navigation
Anyway, SEO Freelancing in 2014 will have success.
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

freelance seo expert

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

1] Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing put together receive More than 500 millions searches everyday 24 hrs, 365 days a year. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you bring in loads of traffic to your website and increase your sales, which otherwise you are losing to your competition.
2] It has been found that Search engine optimization (SEO) has a much better return on investment (ROI) as compared to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, banner advertisements, video Advertisement and others.

3] Search engine optimization (SEO) has a long-term effect that is it will usually drive traffic to a site for at least a year.

4] Its is much cheaper than normal PPC campaign. (learn more about PPC management here)

5] Web searchers know that the site didn't buy their way in. That mean some searchers skip over sponsored listings mean sponsor searches and only pay attention to organic results.

6] Search engine optimization (SEO) helps a site achieve global broad coverage. A well search engine optimized site is likely to be found by every search engine worldwide and you may get traffic from search engines you've never heard of and you would have never imagined.
Posted by Himanshu Swaraj
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